Booster plugin
Download Booster plugin

In cstrikeaddons create a folder called booster. Extract the archive in that folder. Go in cstrikeaddonsmetamodplugin.ini and add the next line:
win32 addons/booster/booster_mm.dll


In addons/booster create a file, called booster.cfg , there, add the next line:
// booster_show_connmsg x (0 = disabled, 1 = small message, 2 = large message)
// Shows a console message to players with booster information when they connect.
booster_show_connmsg 1

// booster_autofps x (x = 0 to 1000, 0 = no target FPS)
// Automatically changes value of sys_ticrate to achieve and maintain the desired server FPS (if possible).
// It is not recommended to target FPS greater than 200 or so.
// Note that autofps adjusts sys_ticrate, which makes it incompatible with any booster_lite_mode other
// than 3. Setting booster_autofps will force booster_lite_mode to 3.
booster_autofps 200

// booster_minsleepms x (x = 1 to 10, 10 = no change to multimedia timer)
// This adjusts the multimedia system timer to trick HLDS into sleeping for less time. Note that
// the lower the value set, the higher the CPU consumption will be for HLDS. Values lower than 3
// are not recommended, as they can cause massive CPU consumption and/or system instability.
booster_minsleepms 5

// booster_force_systicrate x (x = 0 to 10000, 0 = let Booster2 manage the value itself (no force))
// Booster2 will force this sys_ticrate value. Note that using this option will set booster_autofps to 0
// and booster_lite_mode to 3, as these methods rely on a sys_ticrate value untouched by user settings.
// You should avoid directly setting sys_ticrate in your server.cfg, as manually adjusted values can
// cause problems with various parts of Booster2.
booster_force_systicrate 0

// booster_cpu_enabled x [0 to 2] (0 = off, 1 = on, 2 = report CPU only - don't actively manage CPU)
// Booster2 can monitor CPU usage and adjust the multimedia timer to reduce load when necessary
booster_cpu_enabled 0

// booster_cpu_spikemax x
// If CPU management is enabled, number of times booster_cpu_spikelevel needs
// to be exceeded in order for mmtimer to increase and CPU load to be reduced.
booster_cpu_spikemax 3

// booster_cpu_spikelevel x [0 to 100]
// If CPU management is enabled, level which CPU utilization needs to exceed
// (booster_cpu_spikemax times) for mmtimer to increase and CPU load to be reduced.
booster_cpu_spikelevel 75

// booster_cpu_floor x [0 to 100]
// If CPU management is enabled, level which CPU utilization needs to stay under
// (for booster_cpu_quiettime seconds) for mmtimer to decrease and FPS to increase.
booster_cpu_floor 50

// booster_cpu_mminc x [1 to 10]
// If CPU management is enabled, amount mmtimer will increment (Booster2 will also decrease
// the mmtimer by 1 for every 5 minute period that booster_cpu_spikelevel is not exceeded.
booster_cpu_mminc 2

// booster_cpu_quiettime
// Seconds required without CPU spike exceeding booster_cpu_floor before
// mmtimer value is decreased by 1.
booster_cpu_quiettime 300

// booster_cpu_mmmin x [1 to 10]
// If CPU management is enabled, Booster2 will never set the mmtimer below this value.
booster_cpu_mmmin 3

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