Increas Speed Download
Quicken the download speed of maps, sounds, etc!

It's not ok to enter on a server, and you have to download maps like fy_iceworld or other non-standard map. It take 3-4 minute, to download a small map. Let's make thi move faster.

On Windows:
1) You need:
   a) A web server
   b) Copy the server files on the web server
   c) A little modification in server.cfg

2) How can we make this:
a) (Windows) Install a web Server from your Counter-Strike server.
The most easier is the wamp packet. you can find it here => http://www.en.wampserver.com/.

Download the last version and install it on the server. You must now where the wwwroot folder way is that you select in the time of installing. There you will copy the files that must be downloaded from the server. You have to make the webserver to start in the same time with the Windows.
Wamp5 contains Apache2, PHP5 and MySQL 5 - so your CS server may have site, forum.

b) Copy some files from cstrike folder in wwwroot, in a folder called 'files'. example:

What do we have to copy from cstrike folder?
WARNING Do not copy files like server.cfg or the addons folder

Only the next files must be copied:

.wad in .
.tga in gfxenv
.bsp in maps
.txt in maps
.res in maps
.mdl in models
.wav in sound
.spr in sprites

A copy of this structure must exist in wwwroot folder that you choose. example: 'c:wampwwwfiles'

The files will be accesed from a link like this:

where cs.server is your server adress

c) A ne cvar was added at HalfLife engine, 'sv_downloadurl'. This Specify a new location for resources that must be downloaded.

In server.cfg file from cstrike folder of your server must be add the next line:

sv_downloadurl "http://server.cs/files/"

cs.server is your server adress. It can be your IP Address too, like this:
sv_downloadurl ""

That's all.

the maxim lenght of sv_downloadurl is 127 caracters.

For advanced users:

Add the following lines in httpd.conf file:
Alias "/files" "C:/Server/CS 1.6 Server 1.9/cstrike"
<Directory "C:/Server/CS 1.6 Server 1.9/cstrike">
Order deny,allow
Deny from all
<FilesMatch .(?i:wad|ztmp|bsp|res|spr|wav|mdl|tga|bmp)$>
Order allow,deny
Allow from all

But you have to replace ""C:/Server/CS 1.6 Server 1.9/cstrike"" with your server way. so you don't need to copy the maps in the files directory from wwwroot folder because the apache server will automaticaly take the files from cstrike folder.

Other Advantages:

If you succesed to install the server, the next step is to install a forum, like phpBB (search in google) in order to make a download section for maps, bots, sounds, etc.
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